Tips to Make Natural Scrub Under Skin Type

To have a bright, healthy skin does not mean we have to buy expensive care product range. Natural body scrub can be made of any material that is in the kitchen.

Scrub is a process of exfoliation of dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin (so as not to accumulate and mix with dirt that clog pores).

As a result the skin looks healthier and brighter. This time we will discuss the scrub for the body, face different scrub.

Before choosing a scrub is used, you should identify the type and sensitivity of the skin. Owner skin is sensitive and often irritated should choose scrub with fine granules. Use more coarse grains only in specific areas such as the soles of the feet, elbows, or knees. Do not scrub too rough. Harga Smartfren Andromax C3 Second

Scrub with natural ingredients are certainly more friendly to the skin because it does not use chemicals. Some common materials that can be used as a scrub such as coffee, salt, sugar, brown sugar and whole grain cereals. Harga Sony Xperia Z Second


Avoid scrubs from materials such as oil triggers brown sugar or coffee. Grain cereals and salt can be your choice. To be able to use the mixture of yogurt, lemon juice, or a body lotion that are water. Here are some examples.


Take coarse salt, crushed slightly if there granules that can irritate the skin. Mix the salt and lemon juice with the same amount. Mix well to form a soft scrub beads. Add lotion if you like for fragrance effect.

Cereal grain

Mix one cup of cereal grains (oatmeal) with a glass of yogurt. Mix well and rub on your body and let stand for 5 minutes. Rub gently until clear of the body scrub and rinse. For use on the face, add cucumber or tomato juice can help make the skin brighter and absorb excess oil.


For dry skin, scrub made from coffee or sugar for you. Use olive oil or coconut oil to help moisturize the skin. Using coffee as a scrub has its own benefits. Caffeine is contained in the skin can function as an antioxidant and helps regulate fat under the skin so that it can refine the appearance of cellulite.


Mix half a cup of coffee plus a half cup of sugar with enough olive oil to form a thick granular scrub. Spread on whole body let stand for 5 minutes, then rub gently until the grains separated from the body scrub. After that, flush with clean water and soap that contains moisturizers.

Brown sugar

Milled three tablespoons of brown sugar until smooth. Add three tablespoons of coconut oil. Stir to form the desired consistency. Coconut oil has an effect not only moisturizes but also can prevent aging as it is rich in vitamin C, E, and minerals.


1. Perform hand movements while rotating scrub brush from the body. The movement is in addition to effectively remove dead skin cells can also help improve blood circulation.

2. Granules has served as exfoliating scrub dead skin cells. Therefore, no need to rub your skin harshly. Rubbing too hard in fact that the risk of injury or irritation.

3. If there are any leftovers, store in a tightly closed scrub in the fridge. Use at least 2 weeks after the time of manufacture.

4. Use a scrub once a week. No need to use a scrub every day because it will make the skin dry and irritated and removes the natural oils that are good for the skin.
5. After using the scrub bath, apply a body moisturizer to avoid dry skin.
6. If you will use a salt scrub, make sure no injuries in the area of ​​the body.

Good luck!


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