Benefits and Drawbacks Morning Wake up Spot

Wake up in the morning means that you have to help the body to balance the body's rhythms with the rhythms of nature. So the body's organ systems will also work balance that ultimately the body much more healthy. Here are the benefits of early risers

1. Got Body Essential Nutrition
With up early, there must be time for breakfast. Breakfast is the fuel for our body to perform various activities all day. We also had time to prepare a healthy, delicious and nutritious.

2. If the motion of the body is
Full of energy we will get by exercising in the morning. The body will have the energy and feel refreshed so that we are ready to do the legwork.

3. Mind quieter
Get up early to make us have a lot of time so we do not need to rush in preparing something. Do not be late to the office or on the road jams. So the state can make us stress went away.

4. Sleep quality
As is known with sufficient sleep can reduce the negative effects such as premature aging of the face or frown. With up early, the rhythm of the body will be stable. This condition will indirectly improve the quality of sleep.

Negative Effects Build Spot

1. Metabolic problems
If you sleep too long, your body will not function according to the rhythm. You will feel hungry for a long time and this affects the metabolic rate. This will make the body weight increases.

2. Sluggish
Excessive sleep will make you feel sluggish because your metabolism is still working in the 'set' night. The body takes longer to start up the system and can not function normally. If you really want to sleep a little longer, try not more than thirty minutes.

3. Lost productive time
Experts consider the morning is the most productive time because your mind is still fresh. If you sleep too long it will end up losing a lot of productive time of the day. So, you have to finish the work until late at night in a hurry.

4. Disorientation
Sleeping too long makes it difficult to concentrate for a long time. Except, after waking you directly exercise. Then, because it can not stop brain metabolism will make you feel hungry.

5. Headache
Cerebrospinal fluid moves to the brain when you sleep too long. This condition, if it lasts a long time can cause severe headaches and even cause blindness. So think again if you want to sleep longer.


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