Sightings New Vixion 2013

Expires on blogs around the automotive and serching in google, I saw the appearance of New Vixion 2013. Speaking of Yamaha Vixion, surely everyone has to know the sport bike 150cc Yamaha's output.

Features - features advanced range of fuel injection system and skeletal deltabox well as other forms than others to make a 150cc motorcycle motor sport male injections immediately kicked into the no.1 in the country. Not only that, this bike is also difficult to compete with direct competitors, especially Honda Megapro.

Of sales data in 2011 that penetrate up to 20 thousand units, and continued to increase to 22 thousand units in 2012, making this bike a prince 4tak 150cc class sport. Even when viewed from the arrival of new competitors such as the Honda New Megapro and his brother own Yamaha Byson, sales of the Vixie remain unmoved at the forefront.

New - reportedly recently, Yamaha Vixion going back to make changes, whether or overall facelift. But seen from the photo above, it looks like Vixie will undergo drastic changes, the design of the rear lights are more pointed and the use of tire tread width.

This will make it appear more muscular, plus the use of a model Yamaha Byson handlebars and body that seemed a little more sturdy. Hmm ... guess - something like what?? Yes, hopefully the performance is still as Vixion now or even faster, given the use of tire tread width will reduce performance.

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