New Kawasaki Z800 Pictures circulated, look grim

The design of the latest model Kawasaki Z750R successor circulating in cyberspace. The latest generation is called Kawasaki Z800 2013 and known photo spread stems from a local dealer in Bangkok, Thailand.

With the release of these photos, New Kawasaki Z800 being crowded discussed the bikers around the world. Because the model street fighter motorcycle design has the look of a fierce, muscular and looks very tough.

Name Kawasaki Z800 can be seen from the emblem reads "Z800" on the fairing. From design carried Z800 looks more violent than his brother Kawasaki Z1000. Thus further proving the Kawasaki effort in class motor sport competition to street fighter strengthened.

Despite the ferocious look, the comfort level is also of particular concern Kawasaki. It can be seen from the position of the handlebar jog look closer and straighter. So used to driving long distances is not easy to make the driver tired of having to bend over.

From the name of the new Z800, the chances of heart pacemaker sectors using the new machine. So that the capacity will be increased from 750cc to 800 cc. But better wait for official information concerning the New Kawasaki Z800 Kawasaki 2013.

We wait for the official release from Kawasaki. From the news circulated this bike will be available with two versions of ABS and non-ABS. Hopefully useful.

 See pictures and specs of the  Kawasaki Z800 2013


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