Modified Nissan 350Z Cold

European cars it is practically "soft target" for the world-class tuner to pour his crazy ideas in modifying. But make no mistake, the cars made ​​in the continent of Asia was no less cool if it has been modified. Examples like these Japanese cars ya bloody ...!

I wonder who acts as a tuner, but it certainly plain Nissan 350Z body is dipped in a light blue color cast shades of pearl, plus Aerosync front bumper, rear lip spoiler Amuse output, artificial Blox short antenna, roof spoiler made ​​from carbon, HID lighting package, and terminated the application of light output spec homes that have been decorated with lights D angel eyes.

Furthermore cabin sector. In this sector, the sports car of Japanese descent was blessed new-style steering wheel made ​​F1 cars Nardi, Crown Royal gear stick, Pioneer audio system, and Recaro seats including Evo 8.

However, the most ridiculous, the owner of the car to replace the standard engine is a 2003 graduate of the Infiniti G35 engine was made in 2007, which was facilitated NISMO intake, Koyo aluminum radiator, engine harness JDM artificial cover, and a new exhaust system with resonators that can produce effects the voice boomed.

So that the more sticky asphalt, especially at high speeds, the car nicknamed "Minty Z" is soon covered with artificial BC Racing coilover suspension, a Swift, as well as VIP Modular aluminum rim diameter VSX-210 18 × 11 inch (front) and 18 × 12 (rear), the next round rubber smothering Nankangs sized NS-II 235/40 (front) and 245/40 (rear).
Japanese cars did not lose his cool when it modified?!

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