Cancer lurking smokers

A cigarette contains only 4 thousand types of chemicals are toxic or harmful to the body. Substances that trigger lung cancer, brain, and liver.

Who does not know cigarettes. Historically, tobacco has been smoked native American continent, namely the Maya, Aztecs, and Indians from 1,000 years before Christ. Then Columbus introduced the cigarette to english and tobacco trade began in the 1500s, especially the tobacco of Virginia and continued to exist until this moment.

The cigarette industry began to dim since 1964, because the U.S. Surgeon Association issued a statement that cigarettes cause lung cancer. Cigarette advertising on television began airing forbidden since 1965 in England and 1970 in the United States. Health warnings on cigarette packs began to appear since 1970, and is further enhanced with a warning through the images.

Although it began to fade, in fact as many as 4 million people died from smoking in 2020 and is estimated, the victim died from smoking reaches 10 million people. Unfortunately 70 percent of the victims are in developing countries.

Vomiting blood or pain experienced by patients with lung cancer caused by breathing vessels in the lung cancer driven by a lump or tumor in the lung.

When you have severe lung cancer is a major cause of death and a 85-95 percent related to smoking. Group high risk of lung cancer is men and women aged 40 years or older, heavy smokers and people who are in an environment contaminated by pollutants or waste plant.


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