Camaro SS Bumblebee Transformed So Sedan SUV

Super large diameter wheels commonly used on modified cars SUV. But the house is 813 Customs modifications, could do this extreme modifications on the Chevrolet Camaro SS alert 2012.

This sports car is a model used in the movie Transformer. It's just the modifier using a convertible version. Interestingly, this tuner combines the concepts of Chevy's muscle car with SUV styling. As a result, ground clearance sports car low to high like an SUV.

Not only this, from the previous color yellow color is now covered with dazzling chrome. To bring the concept car bling-bling, all the pieces to the legs using chrome color concept. The outside and inside virtually redesigned custom.

Physical changes can be seen from the use of super alloy 32 inch diameter. Then grille, headlights and fog lights use red as described the monster car.

The interior was also overhauled, so that a new audio system with dozens of speakers could get into it. To complete entertainment device, the rear seat is sacrificed. Thus the new panel for audio perangakat and two LCD TVs can be installed trim.

For the feel of the interior, the tuner uses cast chrome red. However, to power, seems to still rely on engine capacity of 6.2 liter v8. Performance of this engine can generate power 426 hp with a peak torque of 569 Nm.

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