Finally Prepare Honda Civic diesel engine

Paris - Japanese car manufacturer, Honda eventually follow the trend of driving in Europe where most cars now embrace diesel engines. Models are asked to carry a diesel engine that is hatchback, Civic Euro Version.

Previously, Honda had problems due to the large capacity of their diesel engine variants. But now, Honda successfully developed the i-DTEC diesel engine variants of 1.6 liter volume is fitting the sporty hatchback is flawless.

Source drive is claimed to be spewing power of 120 PS at 4,000 rpm and maximum torque to 300 Nm at 2,000 rpm. Honda admitted touching the efficiency of the diesel Civic 3.6 liter/100km with CO2 emissions of 94 g / km.

Honda privileged claims if the car public sale began in October 2012 was the first car in Europe to adopt the latest technology to them, Earth Dreams Technology.

Inevitably, with a sporty look is still the same as the gasoline version that has been present since last year, the Civic diesel feels able to answer the wishes of European consumers who crave a new breakthrough from Honda.

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