New BMW Concept Active Tourer revealed

An Auto Show event will always be the most anticipated exhibitions. Because it would be the answer to the curiosity of the product and the latest variant of a brand vehicles. And at the Paris Motor Show 2012 end of the month can certainly be scattered concept car. And one New BMW Concept Active Tourer.

New BMW Concept Active Tourer (CAT) has reportedly also soon enter the production line as well as the BMW 1 Series GT. Active Tourer Concept will have the same platform with the next-generation MINI. In other words, BMW confirmed the rumors about the use of front-wheel drive (FWD) on one of the new generation.

As reported by Carscoop, Saturday (15/09), hatchback concept car BMW has dimensions of length 4350 mm, width 1834 mm, height 1560 mm and 2670 mm long whellbase. In other words, the concept model is shorter than the New Mercedes-Benz B-Class has a length of 4359 mm, but BMW is wider than the B-Class is only 1786 mm.

CAT BMW comes with a futuristic design style and has a high level of aerodynamics. This is reflected through the front grill and hood of a modern design. This car feels more sporty using a set of five-spoke alloy wheels measuring 20 inches.

For cabin space, BMW tried to keep the style and trademark. It can be seen in leather and wood accents are still reliable. A variety of the latest features and updates will go down in the dashboard like a digital instrument cluster with a 10.25-inch screen and the heads-up display.
Then for cardiac pacemaker sector and as previously discussed. BMW will use the engine capacity of the new three-cylinder 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo. This engine will be combined with an electric motor and lithium-ion (or using technology Hybrid / Plug-in Hybrid).

This three-cylinder engine to drive the front was rear electric motors for propulsion.
BMW claims the machine is capable of producing a total of 190 hp. And with this engine performance acceleration from 0-100 km / h can be achieved with less than 8 seconds. Being top speed is limited to 200km / h.

Then, for an average fuel consumption of BMW claims 2.5 lt/100km. As for the recorded CO2 emissions 60g/km. BMW CAT while using 100 percent electric power up to be able to cover a distance of 30 km with one full recharge the batteries.

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