BMW M3 Coupe Frozen 2013 limited edition only 150 units

BMW re-launched variant of sedan M3 sports coupe model year 2013. Model and physical form does not change as the latest variant of the BMW M3 2014. But this is a limited and special variant of the name BMW M3 Frozen 2013.
BMW M3 Frozen 2013 will only produce about 150 units. And unfortunately very limited number will only be marketed in the United States. For that colors will be available in limited quantities this is a blue, red and white colors of the American flag.

Colors that wrapped the body up to 19-inch alloy wheels use a color matte / matte. On the fixed roof made ​​of carbon fiber materials. Moderate overall interior wrapped with Black Extended Novillo leather combined with the use of carbon fiber material fiber.

Not only that all the trim that is using the full M3 Competition Package. This package would also include a moonroof, automatic high beams, M-DCT transmission, satellite radio and much more.  BMW M3 Frozen 2013 and will also be about 10mm shorter thanks to the new suspension, and also uses electronic damper control and sport mapping for EDC and DSC features.  

New BMW M3 Frozen  2013 limited edition will be available with a choice of 6-speed manual transmission system or automatic M-DCT transmission. In the U.S. the price is priced for a special unit of the BMW M3 are ranging from $ 76.395 

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