Taigun VW Small SUV Concept with 3-Cylinder

Volkswagen Taigun, is a Concept SUV 3-cylinder that will serve as a model for Volkswagen to fill the family car segment.

With the long dimension of 3.859mm, 1.728mm width and height of 2.470mm, Taigun a small SUV. and be able to carry four adult passengers.

In concept form, the VW Taigun equipped  1.0-liter TSI engine powered 110 PS and 175 Nm of torque. 3-cylinder gasoline engine tech direct fuel injection plus turbocharging.

VW Taigun that only weighs 985kg and can be driven up to speeds of 186 km / h. While acceleration from rest to the speed 100km/jam is just 9.2 seconds. Volkswagen claimed Taigun fuel consumption of just 4.5-liters per 100 kilometers.  

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