The face of the Honda Jazz version Crossoverakan

Honda Jazz Crossover version. This variant is called the All New Honda Fit Twist. Jazz face looks firmer, with more dimensions than the Jazz hatchback version sort standards. The plan, Fit Twist will be exclusively sold in Brazil.

On the exterior, the front bumper and the rear looks sporty Fit Twist the plastic cladding. The top of the wheel arches and side windows made ​​of aluminum, and a higher roof.

Cars using alloy wheels measuring 16-inch, front grille is different from the version of the Jazz, as well as front and rear lights.

While on the inside of the car can be largely no change. Just look new upholstery, carpet waterproof boot area, and chrome accents on the dashboard, the air vents and the handbrake.

Fit Tiwst not show changes to the suspension settings and the same as the regular hatchback Jazz, machine uses 1.5-liter flex-fuel engine that is capable of producing power to 115 horsepower. Machines connected to the front wheel drive system with automatic and manual transmission.
New Twist Honda Fit goes on sale in Brazil in late October with prices starting from USD28.600.

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