Suzuki GSR 750 2012

Suzuki re-launched the latest generation of motorcycle naked version, the GSR 750. The latest generation of this technology ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), which has actually been used first in some of its competitors.

ABS technology is usually used on this car are beginning to be developed on the motorcycle to enhance the safety features and produce better control.

The motors are powered 749 cc in-line four-cylinder 4-stroke, and the injection system is capable of producing power at 105 hp that will be channeled through a 6-speed transmission system.

GSR750 is a good engine performance at low rpm rotation, medium to high rpm, an increase in torque and energy. This is because Suzuki has set back on the Cam shaft, valves, and using iridium spark plugs in each cylinder

Suzuki entrust front suspension with KYB suspension upside-down 41 mm diameter, the monoshock rear suspension was also adopted from KYB. GSR759 tank is able to accommodate as many as 17.50 liters of petrol, so the overall gross weight of this bike weighs 190 pounds.

According to Suzuki, the GSR750 2012 will be sold at the dealers at a price tag of 7.349 Euros

 ENGINE: liquid-cooled, four-cylinder DOHC four-stroke with a bore and stroke of 72 mm x 46 mm and four valves per cylinder. The valves are set at a very narrow included angle, allowing the combustion chamber to be very compact, with the intake valves each measuring 27.2 mm in diameter and the exhaust valves measuring 22 mm in diameter. The compression ratio is 12.3:1, with lightweight cast aluminum-alloy pistons. Those details improve combustion efficiency, and more complete combustion is the key to better low-rpm and mid-range response, acceleration and fuel mileage, as well as reduced emissions. The engine powers an integrated close-ratio six-speed transmission.CHASSIS: A unique chassis incorporates the best qualities of a compact tubular girder streetbike frame and a twin-spar sportbike frame, and is built using a combination of D-section and round-section steel tubes for an especially smooth ride. Wheelbase is 1,450 mm with 25°15 of rake and 102  mm of trail, again contributing to a comfortable ride.

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