All-New Kia Carens is more powerful and environmentally friendly

All-New Kia Carens. One of the latest generation MPV vehicles from South Korea, Kia, which has been long awaited finally officially introduced a lot of people. All-New Kia Carens starting debut at the Paris Motor Show 2012 which officially opened yesterday 27 September.

The new design is more modern and stylish than its predecessor is the result of the work of design director Peter Schreyer. The former Audi designer is able to make the face look at each line of Kia vehicles look more fresh than the previous models.

Therefore Kia vehicles increasingly in demand in European countries. "From the new design is not only on the exterior but a lot of changes in the interior., And will be available choice of model 7 or 5 passengers. New Carens is also able to provide a specific approach as a family vehicle with an active lifestyle," said Kia's vice president and CEO Hyoung -Keun Lee. So that was launched Carsscoop, Friday (28/09).

But on this official recognition, Kia is not much detail specification says All-New Kia Carens. But on the basis of engine All-New Kia Carens will have 2 types, namely gasoline and diesel engines with four different power options. Workers will be offered Kia will range between 115 hp - 177 hp with low exhaust emissions at least 118g/kg.

Standard features offered on the All-New Kia Carens is the electric parking brake, smart key with button engine start / stop. Then for entertainment devices have 6 speaker audio system with amplifier and subwoofer additional options. And as an additional option other then there is a panoramic glass sunroof for long distance travel convenience features include Cruise control with speed limiter.

In the legs Kia use standard size 16 inch alloy wheels with cast-profile tires 205/55 R16. But Kia
provide also another option alloy wheels with size 17 inch and 18 inch silver with dark gray color.

Standard safety systems such as ABS, EBD and brake assist each variant has become the standard. But Kia also has equipped with features LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and SPAS (Smart Parking Assist System. As an additional option rear-view safety camera will also be provided Kia.

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