Tips on Healthy Living Without Smoking

It is not easy to remove or stop smoking. But, the more difficult is how we stay healthy in a state forced to smoke. These suggestions DR. Dr. Budhi Setianto, Sp.JP (K), counselor Stop Smoking Clinic Heart Hospital Harapan Kita, so that you stay healthy:

1. Get used to exercise or start a program or a hobby with family and friends who are not smokers. Make this event on a regular basis. Sport is not only important for those who want to live a healthy life, but also for smokers. Take time less than 30 minutes a day to give your body get adequate oxygen. Do not smoke during exercise as this will diminish the benefits.

2. Do not smoke while drinking coffee. Although believed to increase pleasure, the content of caffeine in coffee can raise the levels of CO2 in the lungs. Instead, choose drinks that could neutralize toxins brought on by smoking such as fresh fruit juice or milk.

3. Replace cigarettes with snacks as a dessert.

4. Replace the habit of smoking during bowel movements by reading books, comics, newspapers are far more useful to increase knowledge and just as relaxation.

5. Try to think before lighting a cigarette, about how this feels more beautiful without cigarettes.

6. If until now you had to smoke, try to think real life is much better without smoking. The reason for that is always raised cigarette can reduce anxiety, improve concentration, provide a quieter and more relaxed. In fact, the positive effect was only felt for a moment and then raised dependence will have broad impact. Try to look for alternatives such as listening to music through earphones or chew gum.
But for active smokers who are addicted to cigarettes and is very difficult to quit smoking, if indeed there is an intention certainly all be done.

Look at the back of your cigarette pack. SMOKING CAN CAUSE CANCER, HEART ATTACK, AND DISORDERS IMPOTENSI PREGNANCY AND FETUS. Are you going to continue to smoke?!!

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