The mosque was founded by Magical Creatures

COMPLICATIONS-Wake up around the 12th century Masehi Mosque, located in village Nando Nando, Mali, West Africa, is still a mystery, especially in terms of their structure and form of the building.
entity Mosque is the result of the influence of Islam into West Africa, beginning in the ninth century AD spread. At that time, Islam was brought by Muslim traders from the Tuareg and Berber tribes. Both these tribes are nomads who like to wander in the south and north of the Sahara desert.
Mosque building Nando categorized Unique, no marble or dome as other mosques in general. The whole building just covered with mud, including the floor of the mosque.

Even Courant edge of the floor, be left higher than the other buildings and resembles suburban castle with old they form. However, on each side of the mosque is decorated with the inscription calligraphy are also made ​​of mud.

According to local myth, Nando mosque were not awakened by man, but by large-bodied spirits. This belief was reinforced when you look at the structure of the building, the materials used
to build the mosque, as well as the former big footprints on one side of the mosque.

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