One variant of the classic sedan made ​​between 1971 to 1978 from Mazda RX3 Mazda is also known as the Mazda Savanna which is the second generation after issuing type RX2. Mazda RX3 very rare in Indonesia, even if there is a possibility they are directly imported from Japan for this type of RX3 was produced for American and European markets. There are 3 types of Mazda RX3 type for the type with the 4-door sedan, the coupe type sport model with two doors and a 5-door station wagon.
In its glory days before RX3 coupe is one type sedans are often involved in racing competitions and arena race like the Grand Tourismo and Nascar. When viewed at a glance
for RX3 is shaped similar to other Japanese-made sedan was widely circulated in Indonesia is Toyota Corolla.

Advantage when we modif the spare part is available in Indonesia because it's a lot of material modifications to the cars that much or issued for the Indonesian market, so we can continue to use the car tuh make legs until satisfied without having to worry if there is any damage is mainly due to easy to find spare parts .
If we have a rare antique cars is a satisfaction for us, but if only to display it feels to me less satisfactory, so classic antique car ride just to walk around the city.


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