Beauty and Exotic Ora Beach Central Maluku

Beauty and Exotic Ora Beach Central Maluku - Ora Beach Tourism is located on the island of Seram, Central Maluku, you do not need to go far away to foreign countries to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery. Ora Beach can be reached by sea from the saleman or from the trans spooky. To reach the beach ora we had to cross to Port Amahay Masohi City of Port Tulehu Seram island in Central Maluku district using Quick Ship Cantika grace takes 2 hours.

In this beach has supplied resorts that are built on the clear water, these resorts of house-shaped wooden platform that provides maximum comfort and cool air around the beach. Ora beach visitors were also treated to a very enchanting natural scenery, enjoying the view of the reef plants and marine fauna is quite a lot and well maintained, beautiful and original shades you can get on the beach ora.

Other activities that can be done is tracking through the forest is still beautiful behind sawai country. Then proceed to animal rehabilitation and education center in the hamlet masihulan, captive parrots and parrot spooky spooky. Want more challenge? try to visit to see the waterfalls and caves, there is also a cottage built in the middle of the forest by the local people.

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