Google Nexus 10 Was Released December 2013

Not long ago launched the New Nexus 7, Google is working with ASUS back will soon cause to be present  Tablet Nexus Series 10. Tablets are intended for the family

Tablet Nexus 10 touted ready to compete with the iPad in terms of display screen. screen Tablet Nexus 10 performed with better quality, which can be used for watching movies and reading books. Based on the reviews obtained by the Telegraph screen Tablet Nexus 10 has 300 pixels per inch and is supported by the processor core graphics and dual core CPU. The movie via Nexus 10 will look stunning and users can enjoy games with a faster loading. Harga Asus Zenfone 2 di Surabaya

Although the original version of Nexus 10 is manufactured by Samsung, Google remained open for offers other technology manufacturers during the planning stages of a Nexus device. Although Google has not officially announced the full specifications from the Nexus 10, browser engine giant will soon be released to coincide with the celebration of Christmas. Harga Samsung Galaxy V Seken

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