Tips to Improve Battery Endurance Smartphone

To conserve battery life, the author will give you some tips about smartphone battery, in order to last longer than usual. Here are a series of Tips on Improving Battery Life Smartphone.

1. Unstar Display Your Screen
This you can do by adjusting the brightness at your smartphone settings section. Display brightness is one   factor that can reduce the battery power.

2. Non Enable Applications that do not need
This course can reduce the battery power because it is not aware of the application still works even if you do not open it. Harga Lenovo A5000 Bulan Oktober

3. Turn off GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth When Not Used
Various facilities these connections are certainly going to take a lot of battery power because it these associated with a network connection that is around.

4. Keep Update Software On Your Smartphone
In each smartphone vendor, must have provided a software update on a regular basis. In addition to adding experience in communicating, the process certainly brings something new in terms of increased battery power.
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5. Use the Battery Saving Apps
This is the most concise way if you do not want to examine the settings on your smartphone. Because you simply visit the app market and then look for a variety of applications relating to saving battery to monitor the battery performance of your smartphone.

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