Piaggio BV 350 : Scooters Powered Big Motor

Maxi-scooters or scooter that has an engine capacity above 250cc does have its own charm. But the latest generation of air-cc scooter looks great refocused models for design and also in terms of comfort in driving.

But Piaggio able to deliver air-cc automatic scooter is great but by carrying a small body shape and a few models combine the classic with New Piaggio Beverly 350 Sport Touring. Piaggio BV 350 which has a small body figure will be able to generate power big bike class 400cc is 33.3 hp.
Piaggio BV 350 will use the engine capacity of 330cc 4 stroke. Although larger engined, this scooter can be much more economical than the big bike class, reaching 3.3 lt/100km. Piaggio BV 350 As the scooter to be used in the daily activities in the city, can only reach a maximum speed of 138 km / h only. Piaggio BV 350 also comes with a modern instrument panel tire tread width front disc brakes and rear brake ABS option available.

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