Mercedes G-Wagon accented with Black Bison

Wald International, famous for its claim her Lexus, now re-mix a different view of Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. By carrying out sports line black bison edition, the Japanese tuner has now managed to conjure up the G-Class in order to appear to look more sweet and beautiful.

In the photo posted by Wald, the external appearance can really tempting for the eye of the beholder. Shown with a brown bandage and a few touches of black accents, as if the G Wagon is now ready to dominate the streets. LED bar that adorn the front, they were pinned in the bumper, and under the headlamp. New bumper adds a sporty and stylish, while the hood, Wald International adopted by using carbon materials.

 In addition to the hood, there are also some other parts they use carbon materials such as the rear diffuser, side skirts and a line on the front grille as well as housing for the LEDs that are below the bumper and head lamp. At the foot of the foot, Wald International uses 24 inch ring to support the dashing impression he gets.

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