Looks grim Jeep Mercy Ener-G-Force

Jeep generation Mercedes-Benz since it first appeared in 1979 to the latest generation of the G-Class as if it never left his trademark. But for event LAAS Design Challenge 2012, Mercedes-Benz of North America show a figure super cool frightening and Ener-G-Force.

In addition to the new look very cool and frightening, Ener-G-Force claimed also as environmentally friendly vehicles to its name. This dashing SUV will be able to use alternative energy sources either from the battery to recycle water tank located on the roof of the hydro-tech converters.

The water will be used as a source of hydrogen energy technologies. So expect a tough SUV that obtains its power from electricity generation could have a cruising range to 800 km. Still curious? Just wait for the full news later when Mercedes-Benz says Ener-G-Force on 28 November 2012 in the event the LAAS 2012.

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