Three Reasons Why You Should Eat Eggplant

Who does not know vegetables eggplant? Foods that are familiar to both rural and urban people. Eggplant is a vegetable usually complement the dish.

However, did you know that actually has nutritional eggplant so much? Ranging from fiber, B vitamins, antioxidants to protect brain cells. And these are some reasons you should eat eggplant more often, as quoted by Health Me Up (05/10).

1. Reduce risk of cancer
If used correctly, eggplant has many health benefits, including cancer prevention and treatment. Eggplant is high in fiber are known to prevent and treat colon cancer.

Fibre is needed colon cancer patients because it has nutrients that launched the digestive tract and absorb toxins, and chemicals that cause colon cancer.

To reduce the risk of colon cancer, experts recommend that you diligently eating eggplant skin every day. Research shows that the eggplant skin contains more fiber than fruit flesh of eggplant.

2. Losing weight

The fiber in eggplant not only good for the fight against cancer, but also to help a person lose weight. Fiber will make a person more easily satiety and suppressing appetite.

It certainly helps people who are on a diet to restrict calorie intake. Eating eggplant would make someone not in the mood for a snack because it is full.

3. Beautify Skin

In addition to fat and bones, our bodies also contain a lot of water. Water is needed for the whole body, but more important is for the skin and hair.

Someone who is short of water usually has a little hair, dry, and branching. Her skin was dry, stained, and has a lot of wrinkles.

Eggplant has a lot of fluid that can improve the quality of your skin and hair. It also helps keep your body hydrated with water content. Better consumption of eggplant in a raw state so that water will not be wasted.

That's three reasons why eating eggplant good for you. From now on, do not hesitate to put the eggplant in your daily diet. Remember, eggplant better in a raw state, and eaten with the skin.

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