Ninja RR Special Edition The Sporty

Kawasaki Ninja RR motorcycle known to the toughness of power, acceleration, balance and body sporty aerodynamics, giving the sensation of driving is different from other motors.

Specification Kawasaki Ninja RR
Suspension Front 41 mm Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Monoshock Suspension
Brakes Front Disc Brakes Twin Port
Brakes Rear Disc Brakes Twin Port
Tires Home 90 / 90-17 49S Tube-Type
Rear Tire 110 / 80-17 57S Tube-Type
Length x Width x Height 1930 mm x 720 mm x 1095 mm
Axis Wheels distance of 1305 mm
Distance to the Land of 145 mm
Weight 134 kg
Fuel Capacity 10.8 Litre

Type 2 - step, 1-cylinder, cranked cases, Reed Valve, KIPS, HSAS
Maximum Power 21 kW / 11,000 RPM, EURO II
Maximum torque 20 Nm / 9000 rpm, EURO II
Carburetor Mikuni Vm 28
Bore x Stroke 59.0 x 54.4 mm
Volume of cylinder 149 cm3
Valve System.
Fuel System.
Ignition system.
Cooling with Water Cooling System
Compression Ratio 6.9: 1

Number of Transmission 6 - Speed
Teeth Into Ratio-1 2,700 (27/10)
Ratio Teeth 2nd 1706 (29/17)
Dental Ratio 3rd 1300 (26/20)
Teeth Into Ratio-4 1,091 (24/22)
Dental Ratio 5th 0952 (20/21)
Teeth Into Ratio-6 0,864 (19/22)
Type System Final Drive Chain Drive
Overall Drive Ratio 7874 @ Top Gear
Side Oil Capacity 0.8 Liter
Oil Oil Injection Lubrication System
Coolant Capacity 1.3 Liter

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