Looks Range Rover Sport wrapped in gold

Moscow. Not long ago the Russian successful home modifications change the look of the BMW X5M with a layer of gold. It's happening again, but the difference is chosen different car classes.

This time it was the Range Rover Sport gilded by the modifications of Russian origin. Home modifications that want solves mind that a sports car can also be modified with gold wrapping.

In this modification, not all body Range Rover Sport is wrapped with gold. From the windshield to the roof painted black, gold wrapping only at the bottom of the body.

Meanwhile, the four-wheel steering dyed jet black and the front grille is also painted black. Color selection is perfect. The black color is chosen to retain dashing and sporty impression on the Range Rover Sport.

Unfortunately, this modification does not disclose the details. For the interior is not known whether or not gold-plated. To be sure the gold layer was just dominating the exterior.

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