Yamaha BW'S 2013 go on sale beginning in October 2012

Yamaha BWS 2013 will go on sale in Japan starting early October 2012. Shown with 2 new colors Deep Purplish Blue Metallic and White Metallic.

This unique scooter was first marketed in 1988, in which to bring style motorcycle off-road onto the highway. Since then BWS (Bewith YW50F) be a trendsetter in the European and North American BWS extremely popular since the 1990s.

Still a unique look with a pair of light-major, like a pair of eyes that came out of his house. Per and red brake calipers berkelir characterizes BWS.

Relying 50cc, 4-stroke, Fuel Injection, powerful 4 hp at 8000 rpm and a torque of 3.7 Nm at 6000 rpm. Gasoline consumption is only 58 km / liter with a speed of 30 kph. Vehicle weight of not more than 95 kg.

Price BW'S 2013 ¥ 225,750. These scooters are manufactured in Taiwan. In Japan, Yamaha BW'S will sell 4000 per year.

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