Face Kawasaki ER-4N ABS 2013 that will soon Marketed

TOKYO (DP) - Kawasaki ER-4N ABS 2013 will go on sale beginning in October 2012. Kawasaki ER-4N ABS as a complement to the previous model Kawasaki ER-4N.

With features ABS brakes, the price is 699 thousand yen. This price is 70 thousand yen more expensive than ER-4N.

No revisions to the engine, chassis and design. Nakedbike is still armed with machine ER400BE 400cc, 2-cylinder, DOHC, fuel injection, liquid cooled.

Relinquish power 44 hp engine on 9500 rpm and torque of 37 Nm at 7500 rpm. Telescopic front suspension and rear swing arm. Its weight by 4 kg to 203 kg.

With a speed of 60 km / h constant, Kawasaki guarantee the gasoline consumption 37 km / liter. Kawasaki ER-4N ABS and non-ABS will be produced in Thailand.

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