S-Cross sister official Suzuki SX-4 is shown

As promised manufacturer Suzuki car a few days ago, the S-Cross that would be a sister Suzuki SX-4 has been officially shown at the Paris Motor Show (PMS 2012). Suzuki S-Cross is on display is still in draft form and immediately made the production version in 2013.

"This new crossover vehicle model will be programmed for the first time and the version marketed in Europe., And Japanese manufacturer Suzuki will start manufacturing production version in 2012," the statement PMS Suzuki in 2012. As reported by Carscoop, Saturday (29/09).

Suzuki S-Cross are segmented in the crossover class C has dimensions length 4.310mm, width 1840 mm and height of 1.600mm. In other words, S-Cross 160mm longer, 85mm wider but 20mm shorter than his brother Suzuki SX-4 is currently available.

To date there has been no definite decision of the Suzuki, is the production version of the S-Cross will replace the circulation Suzuki SX-4. Just for the current S-Cross can only be regarded as the sister of the Suzuki SX-4 until a formal decision at the Suzuki Japan showed the production version.

There is no information of any specification of the Suzuki S-concept version of this Cross. But one thing is promised later production version will have the lowest emissions in the range of segmented crossover vehicle class C.

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