New Honda CBR250R with color Plus Version Repsol

Honda CBR250R with a stripe and a new body color that displays dynamic-sporty character and high performance.

Changes stripe and new body colors is done by adopting Repsol colors and "Tricolor" (red-white-blue) which is a symbol of Honda racing colors. The current colors are red and black also changed so it looks more sporty and sophisticated.

Honda CBR250R is a global model of the flagship in premium sports motorcycle segment with the CBR150R. This model was first launched in February 2011. Through aerodynamic shape aligned with the air flow setting and equipped with advanced technology.

From the kitchen runway, the Honda CBR250R is powered by a 4-Step, DOHC, 4-valve, 6-Speed​​, Single Cylinder, Liquid Cooled (liquid-cooled). This engine produces responsive performance and thus provide comfort for the rider to maneuver, as well as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly because it has implemented a fuel supply system PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) with "World Top Class Injector" and meet the exhaust emission standard Euro 2.

In terms of features, the Honda CBR250R is the first bike in the world in his class who apply technology Combined-ABS on one of its variants, the braking system that combines CBS (Combi Brake System) with ABS (Antilock Braking System), which if the foot brake pedal is pressed the ABS system will work on the front and rear wheels in proportion. This technology produces effective braking performance during sudden braking or on slippery road conditions thereby increasing the stability control of the vehicle.

 To complement the comfort, the Honda CBR250R is equipped with Pro-Link suspension system that can be tailored to suit the needs of the rider. This system allows the seat shock feel softer via the mechanism of action is more progressive and has a high ability to adapt to various road conditions that enhance stability and driving comfort.   

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  1. Honda CBR 250R main features are 250cc, DOHC Single Cylinder, Pro-link Suspension, futuristic Instrument panel, Comfortable riding position, Combined Anti-lock Brake, 5 spoke aluminum cast wheel. Honda CBR 250R gives smooth performance.This is a good bike It can give mileage near about 40kmpl.
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