Kawasaki Ninja RR Facelift 2012

Kawasaki Ninja RR Updates - Kawasaki Ninja RR Gallery - After a long time his late Kawasaki Ninja RR,  Kawasaki Ninja again produces RR Facelift 2012 with a more sporty look.

For the most visible difference from Kawasaki Ninja RR Facelift 2012 is located on her fairing, Stripping her, front and rear lights, and its body (the back). Ninja uses a model that is more aerodynamic. In terms of engines nothing changed.
There are 4 color variants, namely Red, Black, White, and Green.


     Type: 2-stroke, crankcase reedvalve, SuperKIPS, HSAS
     Bore x Stroke: 59.0 x 54.4 mm
     Number & Fill Cylinders: One fruit & 148cc
     Compression Ratio: 6.8: 1
     Maximum Power: 22.1 KW (30.1 PS) / 10,500 RPM
     Maximum Torque: 21.6 Nm / 9000 RPM
     Carburetor: Mikuni VM 28
     Starter System: Kick
     Total Transmission: 6 speed, constant mesh, return shift
      System type final drive: Chain Drive
     Reduction Ratio: 3.000 (42/14)
     Overall drive ratio: 8479 @ top gear
     Oil Lubrication System: Oil Injection
     Side Oil Capacity: 1 liter
     Oil Capacity Transmission / Engine: 0.87 liter
     Exhaust / Muffler: Catalic Converter
     Coolant Capacity: 1.3 liters
     Length x Width x Height: 1975mm x 719mm x 1090mm
     Axis Wheels distance: 1.305mm
     Lowest distance to the Land: 145mm
     Maximum weight: length = 124.5 kg (new = empty 134 kg)

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