Looks Peugeot Onyx Revealed

The pictures about Peugeot Onyx concept emerging virtual world. Judging from his form, Onyx concept is clearly plotted for a future Peugeot flagship supercar. Onyx body shape that looks sporty, definitely characterize modern era cars and strengthen the character of a true supercar that has great power.

More detail, the Peugeot Onyx exterior looks like a Lexus LFA. For parts using two-tone colors that can be pre-booked in advance. Modern impression on the exterior also thickened with sleek grill usage, and also the use of LED lights on the front and rear. While on the rim and a diffuser made ​​of carbon fiber material that looks fierce and has a light weight. 

Moving gets cabin area comes with high technology. Minimalist design with a digital instrument cluster will greet  you when I first saw this piece, in addition to the carbon fiber steering wheel, followed by the use of digital rear view mirrors reinforce the application of high technologies, this cabin section. Overall the cabin is so exciting to present a tasteful style, but not a conventional seat makes this piece look a bit weird.
For energy production, the Peugeot Onyx rumored to be carrying the mid-engine type. Engines are likely to adopt a capacity of 1.6 THP engine that can generate power of 256 HP (188 kW), the engine is also assisted electric engine powered by 120 HP (88 kw), and overall supercar concept will have a power of 376 HP. With a machine like this configuration, Peugeot Onyx able to walk as far as 100 miles using only 1 liter of fuel alone.

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