Know Specifications Honda CBR 250R

Reviewed the Honda CBR 250R may already be familiar to hear Honda CBR 250R, motorcycle products from manufacturer Honda is already known since first launching. Sport type motorcycle is designed specifically for bikers who like touring.
With a body design appear ferocious CBR Motosport GP model and cool style. This bike has a length of 2.3 meters, width about 0.7 meters and a height of about 1.1 meters. The distance between the steering wheel while the 1.3 meter gap to the ground about 145 mm. 
If it weighs quite heavy, which is 165 kg fit for the bikers who have a muscular body. Motor is using a type of frame with diamonds or diamond pattern. For the telescopic front suspension and rear suspension swing arm wear type or Pro-Link suspension system. Type of tires with tubeless tires for tire size 110/70-17M/C front while rear tire size 140/70M/C both tubeless. Braking systems use the same type of hydraulic disc steady make the performance more and more comfortable though acceleration is used for speeding fixed origin safety in driving on the highway. Fuel tank capacity sizable bias fit about 13 liters. 
Machines used to wear the type 4 stroke single cylinder DOHC CS250RE. To CC 250 cc with a diameter measures 76 x 55 mm. Engine compression ratio 10.7 to 1. There is no maximum power and maximum torque of the motor. Load capacity lubricant bias reaches 1.8 liter motor still made ​​fresh. oil still life oil its federal recommendation from Honda, if you want to use other oils can be used Repsol. Clutch type "wet multiplate with coil springs". Transmission gearshift is constant mesh 6-speed return to the pattern of transferring 1-N-2-3-4-5-6. Aki its use dry batteries, electric starter, ignition system Ignition Full-Transistor Baterry.

Specifications of Honda CBR250R
Type Model: Honda MC41
Length x Width x Height: 2035 x 720 x 1125 mm
Axis Wheels distance: 1370 mm
Distance Lowest to Land: 145 mm
Seat heights: 780 mm
Empty weight: 161 kg Type STD | 165 kg type C-ABS
Passenger Capacity: 2 people
Minimum Turn Radius: 2.5 m
Frame Type: Diamond Pattern (Diamond)
Front Suspension Type: Telescopic
Rear Suspension Type: Swing Arm (Pro-Link Suspension System)
Front Tire Size: 110/70-17 M / C (tubeless)
Rear Tire Size: 140/70-17 M / C (tubeless)
Type Brakes Front: Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc
Fuel tank capacity: 13 liters
Engine type: CS250RE, 4 Step, DOHC, Single Cylinder
Cooling System: Liquid Cooling (Radiator)
Fuel supply system: Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Bore x Stroke: 76 x 55 mm
Step Volume: 249 cc
Compression Ratio: 10.7: 1
Type of Lubrication: Wet Sump
Lubricant Oil Capacity Engine: 1.8 Liter
Type Clutch: Wet Multiplate with Coil Springs
Transmission Type: Constant Mesh 6-Speed
Shift Pattern: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Shift Ratio 1: 3.333
Ratio Shift 2: 2.118
Ratio Shift 3: 1.571
Ratio Shift 4: 1.304
Ratio Shift 5: 1.115
Ratio Shift 6: 0.963
Dental Primary Reduction Ratio: 2.808
Teeth Secondary Reduction Ratio: 2.714
Caster angle / Trail: 25 ° 00 `/ 95 mm
Starter Type: Electric Starter
Ignition Full Type: Battery Ignition Transistor

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