4 Symptoms of Ebola Virus Infected

4 Symptoms of Ebola Virus Infected - Ebola virus outbreaks in West Africa become international attention. How not, the Ebola virus has so far killed at least 961 people in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. It was time for us to know what the symptoms are infected with this deadly virus.

High fever, chills, and fatigue
If you have a high fever that does not go away more than a week, then you have to perform laboratory tests. Ebola virus usually will affect the physical condition, one of which chills such as symptoms of dengue fever, malaria and fatigue.

Typically, Ebola causes bleeding from the eyes, nose, ears up. This happens usually within approximately 3 to 4 weeks after being infected if the symptoms are not treated. Additionally, when you are infected with the Ebola virus, bleeding also occurs in the mouth and gums. In fact, when a bowel movement you will also see the presence of blood in the stool as a result of bleeding in the gut. In addition, women may also experience bleeding in the vagina when infected with the Ebola virus.

Pain and rash
Experience pain is a common symptom when you have a cold or fever. However, the pain due to Ebola virus infection can occur starting from the bottom of your skin. In addition, the skin may develop a rash full of blood. When usually rashes filled with pus, this blood that can be very painful.

Shortness of breath and fatigue
Experiencing shortness of breath is a very specific symptoms when infected with Ebola. So, if you have difficulty breathing and increased body temperature, then consult a physician. 


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