Battery Saving Tips On The iPhone

Battery Saving Tips On The iPhone, a major problem for users of smart phones is wasteful phone battery. For smart phone users, most of them can not escape from his cell phone. its use also varied, ranging from business dealings, working until social affairs with friends and family.

Those users many are outsmart by issuing the accounts on social media to minimize lighting in the phone. No exception to the users of Apple iPhone, especially the iPhone 4S that was allegedly has a battery the rather wasteful. Wasteful battery in the iPhone 4S, especially because many of the use of the push location. Harga Samsung Galaxy Grand prime Seken

Push location is the support of the GPS on the phone so it can be updated at any location the user is located. Harga Xiaomi Redmi Note Seken To that end, this time there are a few tips to save battery life on the iPhone is quoted from Turning off all menu related to Push Location in iPhone. Here is the menu:

1. Diagnostic & Usage
 This menu is information about how and where the user is using an iPhone, and sent automatically to Apple

2. Location-Based iAds
This is the location where you are, to ensure the safety of the location of the user is located, is off course.

3. Setting Time Zone
An update time where the user is located, it is necessary for the user if overseas or out of town who have different time zones.

4. Traffic
Not many people use this feature, then to saves battery can be turned off when not needed. 

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