Protect Your Android from Malware

For those of you Android users, do you know that your smartphone or tablet vulnerable to malware attacks? Malware is a program that was created with the intention of and the main purpose of software weaknesses.

Malware generally created to break into or damage a software or operating system. Examples from malware is a virus, worm, spyware, etc.Jupiter Research estimates that as many as 80% from Smartphone is not protected. Harga Asus Zenfone 6 Seken

For what it's malware attack us? Most of malware targeting our personal data. The increasing business applications, information such as financial data, passwords, and other important information is very tempting in the eyes of those irresponsible. Harga Sony Xperia Z Ultra Seken

Criminal will trying continuously to exploit the gaps that could they utilize in order their personal gain. We never know when and how the malware would attack us, therefore should we follow the following preventive measures in order to maintain the confidentiality of our data.

Tips 1: Download applications only from trusted sources
Google Play Store one of which. official application from Google regularly scans the application, search for codes that are considered suspicious and dangerous, and dispose of applications that contain malware if detected.
 While the Amazon app store says it always trying application before it is published.

Tips 2: Avoid Android Application from parties is not clear.
Side loading is disable actions android security, then install or run the APK file that you downlaod from those who do not clear the source. APK file is a program file, the same as the EXE file on windows. Actually not all APK files obtained apart from the Google Play it dangerous, that must be considered is the source from the APK file.

Tip 3: Identify rogue applications.
When you want to download an application, check the is well name of the publisher, and also do not be lazy to read most of the reviews given to other Android users.

Tips 4: Install Antivirus Application
Download and install an antivirus application. There are many antivirus applications on Google Play Store, leading vendors such as AVG and Norton provides free antivirus. The application will detect and remove viruses, malware, and spayware.Usually the security application is more than just detecting the presence of malware, there are other features such as backup files, and locating phone via Google Maps
Tip 5: Lock your Smartphone.
Locking your smartphone is the easiest thing to conducted. By using a combination of pattern, pin code, or face lock, It can avoid your smartphone from the hands of ignorant, nd if by chance your smartphone is lost or stolen, it will be more difficult for thieves to sell your smartphone.

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