Oppo N1 Pepsi Edition

A picture Oppo N1 Pepsi Edition has been posted online that showed the Oppo tablet themed Pepsi. Oppo N1 Pepsi Edition will have the same features as the standard model.

N1 Pepsi Edition will still have the screen 5.9 inch resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels Full HD, prosesor quadcore Snapdragon 600, and a rotating camera 13 megapixels. What is different is the theme of 'launcher' will use the theme of 'launcher' special from Pepsi.

In addition to having a distinctive theme Pepsi, the packaging of Oppo N1 Pepsi Edition will also use red, white and blue Pepsi typical. And it seems you also get flip case special red colored, white and blue.

N1 Pepsi Edition is only available in the Chinese market alone, because it is part of a competition held by Pepsi and Oppo where the winner will get the Oppo N1 Pepsi Edition.

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