Honda Jazz SUV Reported to be Produced in Thailand

Honda Jazz SUV Concept has appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. As for the production version will be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 at the end of November.

According to the Bangkok Post, next year Honda Jazz SUV will be manufactured in Thailand. Honda uses a manufacturing facility located in the province of Prachin Buri. The plant also concocting City and Jazz hatchbacks.

Honda ensure Honda Jazz SUV using the machines of Earth Dreams Technology family is super economical and environmentally friendly. There will be a choice of diesel engines, gasoline and hybrid. Honda is forecast to transplanting gasoline engine 1.5 liter and models hybrid with 1.3 liters.

Market next year SUV at the White Elephant will be competitive. be present Ford Eco Sport and Nissan Juke. Both of these SUV will intersect with the Honda Jazz SUV.

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