The following New Features in iOS 7

On every product launch her new Apple held an event called WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2013. On the show this time Apple will announce the newest operating system namely iOS7 with the addition of new features. Although lately the company bearing the logo apple fruit mentioned reap the controversy by removing Google Maps and Youtube as the application default. Harga iPhone 5 seken The users are so wish that on iOS 7 Apple will create a new feature that would prefer the the user experience.Here's the latest features of iOS7:
  • Durability for a mobile device are so important, so Apple will provide mode feature battery saver that power iPhone wear longer than usual.
  • Simplicity of setting WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS without the hassle of accessing the page setting.
  • Makes users with ease reply to incoming messages when there is a notification without having to access the application.
  • Keyboard will be repaired in order to allow users to do the copy option and paste
  • Multitasking, although the iPhone previously been has this feature but users feel less comfortable. Apple will make the transfer faster application.
Users are so hopeful that iOS 7 has a very significant change and not monotonous like that. Navigation updates, gesture, and a new interface are so users expect. Harga Sony Xperia E3 Seken

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