Amazing Natural Phenomena

Here is a photo of an amazing natural phenomenon that occurs in the world.

1. Fire Falls (Horsetail Falls)
 This phenomenon Fire Falls in Yosemite National Park are located in California.

2. Morning Glory Cloud  
This phenomenon is considered a very rare phenomenon. However, this phenomenon had occurred in the Gulf Carpenataria, Australia. The cloud has an elongated shape with a length of up to 1000 km and has a height of between 1-2 km.

3. Hello Sun (Ring of the Sun)
This phenomenon is formed by ice crystals forming a white bow and speckled refracted into the sky,   creating a ring around the sun. But there are other options that can create circular ring between the sun, the cold weather factor. Because cold weather can create ice crystals that have been turned into diamond dust floating in the air and cause the light that circles the sun.

4. Fire Rainbow
This phenomenon is commonly called 'Bows circumhorizon' actually occurs due to sunlight that penetrate light clouds at an altitude high enough. Since the clouds are formed by hexagonal crystals, the sun coming through the vertical surfaces of the crystals on top will leave some colors like a rainbow.

5.  Frozen waves
The main cause of this is the wave of the reaction between the frozen snow conditions in Antarctica

6.  Crop Circle
Crop Circle A circle who have different motives to one another. The main cause of the Crop Circle creation is still keeping a lot of questions.Is man-made, artificial nature, or made ​​of extraterrestrial beings. Today was another contentious issue, but most of the scientists found that the Crop Circle was created by tangang-hand

7.  Ice Circle
Ice Circle phenomenon can happen anywhere. Usually this phenomenon is most common in the river that flows slow and cold climate. Shaped like a disc that rotates slowly. This phenomenon also occurred around the year 1930 in Toronto, Canada

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