8 Best Cities For Visited in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in Indonesia, and became one of the most popular tourism visits in Southeast Asia, even the world. Many people in the world choose to spend their holidays in the country of Indonesia.

What is the biggest reason they went to Indonesia? Besides the scenery, cultural diversity and ethnicity, low occupancy rates is one reason why Indonesia is a favorite of tourists.

Of the thousands of cities throughout Indonesia, following 8 cities are considered as the best city for tourists,

1. Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is also known as Jogja is located on the island of Java. Jogja become the second most popular destination in Indonesia after Bali. Yogyakarta is a city of history. In the past, the city was the center of the kingdom of Mataram and once the capital of Indonesia in 1945. Not surprisingly, many historic buildings here. Jogja is not like other cities in Indonesia, this is a special area led by a Sultan. Cultural events, friendliness of its people, neat and clean to make the city of Yogyakarta as the number one.

2. Denpasar - Bali
Like you and everyone else know, Bali is the most popular destination not only in Indonesia, Asia, but to the world. Denpasar is the capital of the province of Bali. As a city, you'll find museums, temples, traditional markets, cultural events, and of course, world-class stretch of beach and a super lovely cottage here.

3. Bandung - West Java

In West Java, you can find a very comfortable town called Bandung. As the capital of West Java, Bandung has a very different climate. With a mild climate on average 22.6 ° C, Bandung is also a city of fashion and food center in Indonesia. You can find plenty of shopping, while enjoying an extremely rich culinary and super cool weather

4. Makassar - South Sulawesi

As the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Makassar is the largest city in eastern Indonesia. You can find many attractive tourist here. One is Losari beach, located at the city baray. In the evening, many people spend time on the beach. Trans Studio Makassar also has the largest indoor entertainment center in the world. Satisfied play around, do not miss the incredible culinary.

5. Manado - North Sulawesi

Do you know where the Bunaken national park is famous throughout the world for its underwater diversity that is extraordinary? Bunaken is located in Manado, capital of North Sulawesi. For you who like to snorkel or dive, the obligation for you to Manado. With the many ethnic Minahasa, the cuisine here is so tempting, especially if you come to the Food Festival every February.

6. Malang - East Java

Malang is located 450 meters above sea level so the climate is very cool. You can find an apple orchard and a beautiful view of the mountain Arjuna and Mount Semeru. In addition to many historical sites, Malang meatballs are mandatory items that you have to try in the city's education

7. Takengon - Aceh

For you nature lovers, it is mandatory that you visit the city, namely Takengon. Takengon known for its environment-friendly tourism. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and parks make Takengon favorites. Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy one of the world's most popular coffee in this town. Not only that lake Fresh Seafood is a favorite place that you can not leave.

8. Singkawang - West Kalimantan

Singkawang is a very pleasant town in West Kalimantan, with many ethnic Chinese in the city, making Singkawang dubbed her Taiwan Indonesia. The city is so rich in tradition and Chinese culture so as to prove that Indonesia is a haven for diverse cultures and religions in Indonesia.

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