Harlem Shake managed to become ' VIRUS' on the internet

It seems that the 'virus' Harlem Shake getting into. Estimated dance this unpalatable will beat the record set PSY by Gangnam Style her. PSY managed to get a world record for video and songs Gangnam Style successfully watched 1.3 billion times in one year. However, it is likely to disappear after the outbreak of a dance called the Harlem Shake it.

CNBC (14/02) reported that, in just over 2 weeks, already more than 6 million times video themed dance without rules YouTube is watchable. Not only that, the version and flashmob dance video also keeps popping up every day. When viewed from the style of dance, Harlem Shake freer than Gangnam Style already have a pattern. Therefore, many people freely dancing will.

Here is the Video of the Harlem Shake .. congratulations watch ..

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