Qoros GQ3 Elegant Sedan from China

SHANGHAI. Qoros 3 photos leaked of  Sedan Qoros GQ3. Sedan will be first exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 (March 7 to 17).

Qoros GQ3 offering elegant designs such as cars from Europe. Standing with a long wheelbase, short overhangs, and a coupe-like roof.

In the C segment, Qoros GQ3 believed to offer exterior width (1839 mm) widest in its class. LED lights above the main lights and rear lights are designed special.

Cabin is roomy and luxurious. Its modern dashboard with a touch-screen, wood panel, two-tone colors. Ivory leather upholstery adds to the impression of luxury.

Qoros said GQ3 designed to meet crash test standards in Europe and China. Various safety features sprinkled in the car.

GQ3 comes from the letter 'G' who explained that this is a sedan. 'Q' is taken from Qoros. While '3 'means the car is in segment C (compact).

GQ3 will be sold in China in the second half of 2013. After that will be marketed in Europe.

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