New Slapia Neo: Cool and Unique Watches

New Slapia Neo watches, unique watches that anymore trends in America and Europe are very suitable for young children.

Here are the advantages of watches New Slapia Neo:

Watch Neo Slapia use watertight case 3 ATM.

Watch Neo Slapia use watertight case 3 ATM until he is more resistant to water. In fact you can still use this watch even when you are swimming, bathing, washing or other activities that make you soaked. Whatever your activity, and wherever you are, this neo slapia watches qualify as a friend who always accompany your activities so that you will stay cool and trendy.

Watches Slapia Neo using embossed logo, not just print.

Color slapia hour will seem more attractive and stylish with a display in the form of embossed logo. You do not have to worry fade because the logo together with a high quality silicone. Activities swimming, washing or anything that can fade the print logo is not an obstacle if you use Neo Slapia Watches 

Slapia Neo uses stainless steel case back.

Dial case now feels more sturdy and heavy because of the materials used are different. Slapia neo using stainless steel on the case back that protects the engine better. So that we would feel comfortable carry anywhere. 

The aroma of fresh fruits on a definite band Neo Slapia you like.

 Silicone that is used by Neo Slapia Watches are of high quality silicone. Plus, Neo Slapia Watches now come with a refreshing fruit flavored silicone. I am sure you all would love it. 

Neo Slapia Replacement Guarantee 1 Year.

And one thing is certain, Watches Slapia Neo gives Replacement Guarantee for 12 months. So, if during normal use slapia watch this turned neo damaged, please return it in exchange for a new one. 

Neo Slapia Watches Price: Rp. 249.000,-

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