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Ears may be familiar with our business upscale marketer Rudy Setiawan, why ... many large companies successfully market its products to the system that is in use by Rudy Setiawan, as said Rudy Setiawan, was the biggest loss as a affiliate marketer .. why??

peluang usaha

An Affiliate marketer will only receive one result of the goods or services being sold .. and maybe that is the most frustrating thing as an affiliate marketer ..Continue what if the person I refer to purchase it again ..? yes auto we would not get anything .. like the above description .. just once .. a pain to get the right ..

Especially if you get caught PayPal, to pay or get paid from any company that uses a system of more than one level (multi-level) then the "account" will be suspended or banned.

This is the harsh reality that we must accept if we become an affiliate marketer ...

Actually, we can get results even if you sell goods or services to the same people ...

Here Rudi Setiawan of learning to find a system where when we can sell goods or services to the same people and still be able to get the results ..

After dabbling in the world of internet marketing since 2004 finally Rudi Setiawan find a system where we can get a result from the sale of goods or services to the same person ..

maybe most people call MLM or the like,. but actually this is not MLM .. you can check it Here .. all will be explained clearly by Rudy Setiawan ..

Okay ... Welcome to Business ..

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