Benelli Quattronove X50 2013 Review

Benelli Quattronove X50 2013 has an aggressive look for a scooter. Coupled with a futuristic design to make a more daring looks.

The lines and curves body capable of implying scooter fast character. Front and rear lights look uniquely attractive. Fairing the rear body looks together with a chair.

By holding a 50 cc injection automatic transmission makes Benelli Quattronove X50 2013 feels comfortable invited to get around town. The use of centrifugal clutch makes shifting feel smoother and easier. Benelli Quattronove X50 2013 available in three colors, namely black, white and red.

Engine:Single cylinder, 2 stroke, air cooled
Transmission:Automatic centrifugal dry clutch
Displacement:49 cubic inches
Curb Weight:551 lbs.

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