This is the 7 legendary American car

Muscle car is an American sports car that has a distinctive design and power. The muscle car or also called the pony car is also identical to the legendary Ford Mustang and now more and more popular thanks to the role of the Chevrolet Camaro in Transformers movie.

What are the legendary American muscle car? Here's the list as reported by carbuzz.

1.  Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang. Since it was first shown at the 1964 Ford Mustang directly anesthetized the fiends there and it continues to be top muscle car until now.

Strength and agility this car very mythicized in the period 1960-1970 by which the car this became one of the most feared cars on the street.

2. Dodge Challenger

The fight muscle car not only owned by general motors and ford course, chrysler any move by birth to dodge a challenger for the opponent mustang and camaros. 

3. Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac Firebird. This car was born in 1967 and just like mercury cougar who share a platform with mustang, pontiac firebird also share a platform with camaros. 

4.  Mercury Cougar

Mercury Cougar. Born in 1967 this car become one of the choices workaholic car america when it. This car share a platform with mustang that really can say that as brothers. 

5. AMC Javelin

AMC Javelin. In the period of the late 1960s that Javelin is a formidable opponent. The car is famous for the speed and power of it contains since birth.

6. Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro. Born in 1967, Camaro muscle car be one long whose name became famous and raised thanks to the film Transformers. Thanks to that film, the Camaro has in recent years managed to beat the unbeatable Mustang sales since decades.

7. Plymouth Barracuda

Plymouth Barracuda. 225 hp power from the engine v8 the first time in apparel be one of the seducer who continue to be improved during his lifetime. Honey, intense competition with new mustang plus emission standards in america make this car perish in 1974. 

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