The Modification Yamaha Jupiter MX

For lovers of modification Yamaha. This time I think that would be more exciting to discuss modification Yamaha Jupiter MX. Yamaha motor output is indeed very attractive to young people. 135cc engine speeds and an affordable price, this bike is satisfactory Yamaha motorcycle enthusiasts. Since 2005 the motor is issued, many young people who modify this bike. Perhaps one of my friend all have. But for my friend who has not modify the motor jupiter MX beloved friend not to worry.

The following set of modification Yamaha Jupiter MX and certainly will be an inspiration and get new ideas for my friend all.

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  1. what are the best scooters to modify into trail or anyone selling a good one,anyfeed back on x rides are they any good,also interested in buying crf 150 anyone se;;ing one,indonesia[Lombok]


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