6 Unique Building that looks not like a building

Seeing buildings or skyscrapers typically square geometric shape. But the sixth building seemed like a building, or more like a giant-sized objects. What are the forms of the building ..

Here are 6 unique building shaped as reported by TIME.

1. Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang-North Korea

After more than 30 years of the development process, ultimately this hotel will be unveiled in 2013.

This hotel is like a pyramid shape and it will be one of the highest in the world. Tender hotel management this fall at the Kempinski. Chief Executive Hotel Kempinski, Reto Wittwer did not expect to get the right governance this hotel.

2. Indira Gandhi Planetarium, Lucknow-India

Indira Gandhi Planetarium is located in Lucknow, India is not like the building, but as the ringed planet Saturn. Opened in 2003, the building has a diameter of 21 meters, plus the rings of flat brown, orange and yellow.

3. Fish House, Hyderabad-India

This building comes from organizations that promote fisheries in India, the National Fisheries Development Board. Opened in 2012, the building is like a shark that swallowed a balloon. Fin fish left the building as well as the main entrance.

4. Headquarters Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates

Aldar, the property and investment company in Abu Dhabi occupies a uniquely shaped building, like a giant coin, round glass. Inside there are 12 lifts that help their employees up and down 23 floors.

In addition there is an office, café, prayer rooms, a fitness room of men and women. This building is a round building the world's first vertical, dotted diagonal irons.

5. Building basket, Ohio-USA 

Basket-shaped building is the corporate office basket, Longaberger Basket Company. They produced a basket of raw materials maple trees. The idea of ​​building these baskets comes from the company's founder Dave Longaberger. This building is a steel structure plastered with cement.

6. Hashtag Tower, Seoul-South Korea 

The building consists of a pair of skyscraper height 70 meters and 140 meters are connected by two bridges on the bottom.

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