New Honda CR-Z MUGEN RZ Version Mugen CR-Z GT

Honda CR-Z MUGEN RZ born due to appear CR-Z Mugen GT participating in the Super GT race racing Racing Series. But as reported earlier, Honda CR-Z Mugen version is a limited edition variant.

Because as a Japanese car, the Honda CR-Z MUGEN will begin RZ exclusive marketed by Mugen in Japan on 26 November 2012. While for other countries the automotive market is expected to be available in smaller quantities at a price which is certainly more expensive.

Mugen version RZ cardiac pacemaker has been modified from the default privileges of IMA Hybrid engine. I-Vtec engine capacity of 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine has now been implanted with the supercharger. Of these machines can generate a power of 156 hp with a torque of 185 Nm.

While the IMA hybrid system for electric motor remains standard with the ability to produce power 20 hp and 78Nm. So the combined power for Honda CR-Z MUGEN RZ is 176 hp or a lot more powerful than the Honda CR-Z a standard that only produce power 124 hp.

The result of the increased power, Honda CR-Z MUGEN RZ can accelerate from 0-100km / h over 3 seconds faster than the standard version with the time that is 6.1 seconds. For handling, Mugen also upgraded suspension system and brake system, and is equipped with 17 inch alloy wheels use tires wrapped in Dunlop Direzza performance of Zii with size 205/45 R17.

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